2024-05-24 06:42:39
How Proxied Torrents Could End ISP Subpoenas – Slashdot Uncategorized

"With the announcement of Verizon’s "six strikes plan" for movie pirates (which includes reporting users to the RIAA and MPAA), and content companies continuing to sue users en masse for peer-to-peer downloads, I think it’s inevitable that we’ll see the rise of p2p software that proxifies your downloads through other users. In this model, you would not only download content from other users, but you also use other users’ machines as anonymizing proxies for the downloads, which would make it impossible for third parties to identify the source or destination of the file transfer. This would hopefully put an end to the era of movie studios subpoenaing ISPs for the identities of end users and taking those users to court."

via How Proxied Torrents Could End ISP Subpoenas – Slashdot.

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