2024-05-20 12:32:46
The Age of Mechanical Reproduction Scrapbook

The Age of Mechanical Reproduction by Seth

Why are we so afraid of metal, of sexualization of anything seemingly opposite of the warm, living, animalistic and primal? Sexual augmentation in our era is dominated by these inorganic sexualities. Though dreaming of an eXistenZ-like future where all tech is biotech, gently embedded in a fleshy container, we find ourselves prior to it. But until sextech passes that uncanny valley, to meet us in the flesh, we’re the Borg from Star Trek. Robofucking, an abject, Ballardian collision of soft organic and hard synthetic. Inflatable penises, tongue extensions, fuckingmachines(.com). Erogenous zones visibly mechanical, audibly whirring, largely non-digital, and cold.

Mechanical sex is permeating even the most platinumb of mainstream culture now; as 2006 heard Justin Timberlake’s Future Sex/Love Sounds, 2010 bore witness to Christina Aguilera going Bionic. It’s losing its kink. In the technosexual millennium, porn is on tap in every household; cyber-sexting is redefining adolescent sexualities and the legislation around them.


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