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Free E-Books, With a Catch — Advertising – books/Scrapbook



The basic idea is to offer publishers another way to reach readers and to give readers the chance to try more books — books that perhaps they wouldn’t normally peruse if they had to pay more for them. Initially, Wowio specialized in offering digital versions of comic books and graphic novels, usually formatted as Adobe PDFs. So it was a natural step for the company to offer graphic ads that are inserted in e-books.

The ads themselves aren’t intrusive: There are no annoying highlighted links in the text, nor are there irritating animations or takeovers to interrupt the reading experience. The advertisements are simply pages added to a book, typically up front: Notices for movie site Fandango and auction site iTaggit appeared in the copy of H.G. Wells’ The War of the Worlds that I read. It’s much like the advertising you’d see in a magazine, except that if you want more information or are enticed by a promotion, all you have to do is click to visit the advertiser’s site.

“We think we’re creating a broader audience for some of these titles,” Wowio’s CEO Brian Altounian told me. “I think folks are going to download more books because they’re saving the costs” of having to drive to the store or pay more for them.


boros1124 — December 30, 2010 @ 3:05 am

I also know of a site from which books can be downloaded for free. Hungarian-language only for now. Who may be interested: http://bit.ly/dplzD7

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