2024-05-20 12:10:13
Google Book Search Settlement: Updating the Numbers books/market data

Electronic Frontier Foundation

Total number of books in the world = 174m.
Total number of books held by Google partner libraries = 42m.
Total number of books subject to the amended settlement = 10m.
~5 million are in-print
~5 million are out-of-print
~1 million of the out-of-print works would turn out to be true “orphan works”

Google has scanned 12 million books so far,
2 million scanned through its Partner Program,
2 million public domain works, and foreign works that are outside the amended settlement.

Authors Guild claims a membership of over 8,500
Association of American Publishers claims to represent over 300 publishers,
30,000 authors and publishers have already struck deals to be in Google Books through Google’s Publisher Partner Program.

44,450 claim forms (both
online and hardcopy) have been received as of February 8, claims relate to
approximately 1.13 million books and 21,829 “inserts” (i.e., things
like a short story or article in an anthology).

Of the 1,107,620 books
claimed online,

619,531 are classified by Google as out-of-print

488,089 are classified as in-print.

Total number of claimants: 44,450

Total books claimed: 1,125,339

Total inserts claimed: 21,829

Percentage of books claimed (online only) that Google classifies as out of print: 56%

Percentage of books claimed on Google’s numbers: about 10%

50,000 rightsholder

87% choosing to participate in some form

13% opting out altogether.

Percentage of books claimed by publishers: 71%

Percentage of books claimed by authors: 29%

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