2024-04-18 14:09:58
Music Piracy Not That Bad, Industry Says archives

a href=”http://torrentfreak.com/music-piracy-not-that-bad-industry-says-090118/”TorrentFreak/a:blockquoteEvery year, RIAA’s global partner IFPI publishes a digital music report, which can be best described as a one sided view of the state of digital music consumption. For several years in a row the report has shown that the sales figures of digital music have gone up, but still, the industry continues to blame piracy for a loss in overall revenue. One of the key statistics that is hyped every year, is the piracy ratio of downloaded music. Just as last year, IFPI estimates that 95% of all downloads are illegal, without giving a proper source for this figure. Interestingly, those who take a closer look at the full report (pdf), will see that only 10% of the claimed illegal downloads are seen as a loss in sales./blockquote

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