2024-05-20 13:21:55
Ghana to host anti-piracy confab news

The Statesman

The Afrikan Arts Network in partnership with the Copyright Association of Ghana, has announced it will organise a three day Anti-Piracy event, dubbed Afrikan Arts Festival & Award, from the 20th-22nd of August 2008 in Ghana.

The event which will be under the theme “Piracy: a Bane to Creativity in Africa,” is designed to create a culture of respect for intellectual property, and encourage quality and respect for Africa content.

The event will also aim at offering a big platform for participants to discuss the dangers of piracy for intellectual property protection in Africa, will also seek to create a culture of respect which will develop a virile distribution network for African content.

It will also provide a ground for Africa to celebrate the ideals of the Pan-Africanist and African nationalist movements, recognise and reward individuals who have contributed to the immense growth of African arts across her borders besides serving as a commemorative event that will generate and foster a spirit of unity among Africans in the Film and Music industry.

A joint statement issued by Afrikan Arts Network Ltd and Copyright Office said the event is to further strengthen the combat of piracy. “It beats our imagination to see that musical and film festivals/awards are hosted over the years by stakeholders in Africa without giving space for Anti-piracy discussion. Ignoring piracy in Africa is passing a death sentence on African creative minds”, it said.

Other events like Film Screening and Premiering, Hall of Fame Induction and Awards night are expected to climax the programme.

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