2024-04-24 05:15:02
File-Sharing Down, Legal Music Services Gain Among U.S. Teens market data

Digital Media Wire

A recent survey of 980 U.S. teens conducted by Piper Jaffray found that 64% said they download music illegally, down from 72% a year ago, while 36% said they purchase music from online services, up from 28% last year.

Among online retailers, 79% said they used iTunes, down from 91% a year ago; RealNetworks’ Rhapsody and Napster each claimed 2% of market share, while 16% said they purchased digital music from a catch-all category of “other” services.

The survey also found that 82% of teens who own an MP3 player also own some form on an iPod, up from 79% in 2006.

Three percent said they already owned an iPhone, with 9% saying they expected to by one in the next six months.

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