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Sergei Kuznetsov : Support freedom of publication on the web! books/theory

 Компьютерра-Онлайн– Kompyuterra-Onlayn

Writer Sergei Kuznetsov has published an open letter about the scandal over the web.
Recall that in early April, a company KM Zone “, which reportedly has the exclusive right to publish books on the Internet hundreds of authors, filed suit against several libraries, including the famous” Library collection. “
The total claims amount to half a million dollars.
“All my life stood for freedom and the free distribution of texts on the Internet. I defended this principle when he was a journalist, and continue to defend, as I have already got three of the book.
I think that any novel must sooner or later be available on the Web, just like a book becomes available in the library.
I believe that presenting the text books on the Internet is not a “publication” in the legal sense (and the court case against Sorokin Chernov, was in my view).
I am convinced that a book in the library collection, and other such meetings are only for the benefit of writers (and many writers from Victor Pelevin to Boris Strugatskogo – this share my position).
I am sure that one reader, who read the book on-screen or in print, are those few who will go and buy it, read the first few chapters.
I know quite a few examples of commercially successful books, the texts of which are in the public domain.
Suffice it to mention Boris Akunina : Fandorine of all novels are in the Library collection, although they occupy the first place in the ratings, and even sales of conventional online shopping.
I am proud that collections in the Russian Internet are disproportionately similar foreign online libraries.
I am pleased that as another proof that Russia and in the electronic age is literary, book country.
I am pleased to think that the tradition of the Soviet samizdat still alive.
I said it when he was a journalist and still say this now : The writer is not the enemy.
It is the principle of free access to books on the Web remains inviolate.
Perhaps if my novel was something on the Internet a few days after the paper, I would like to ask the owner of the site at the time pripryatat it, but in any case, I would not accept this man as a “pirate”, but as a fan, which I can only be grateful for the publicity of I wrote.
All of this, of course, applies only to be free of charge : I know that someone is taking money for online access to my books, I have tried to stop this.
That is why I was so unhappy history with KM.ru.
As we know, this site will not only raise money for access, but drove on the library collection, which published “Amphora” prohibited publication of his books online.
Apparently as a banned all-KM.ru, “library collection” to anyone.
I submitted that the authors’ Amfory “that have existed at the time to deploy their books on the Web, will be forced to accept the fact that law-abiding Moshkov removes them from the text of a library.
Fortunately, followed by the explanation that “Amphora” would not prevent the authors to place their text, just the mere publication states that it does not transfer these rights.
As for me, personally, signing their copyright treaties, I am always careful not to transfer the rights to publish in computer networks.
“Amphora” has been in this situation at an altitude : Other publishers may in fact be derived from the digital library books.
I know that many writers share my views on copyright in the Internet.
Perhaps they have already transferred their rights to electronic publication of its publishers.
Treaty hindsight is not correct, but the new books and new contracts.
Therefore, I appeal to my colleagues who believe in the free flow of information on the Internet, to the dozens of writers who have already agreed Maxim Moshkovu to publish his books.
Friends and colleagues!
Make publishers the folly of bans on the publication of books on the Web!
Failing this, still do not convey the right to publish on the Internet, transfer to computer networks, the right of communication to the public by wire, and so on.
These rights are not needed and publishers, they are still unable to reap profits from them.
At the time, we voluntarily gave Maxim Moshkovu right to publish our books on the Web, do we get them back to the first desire of our publishers?
If you support the idea of free flow of information on the Internet, to support its case.
This win, you win your reader will win Russian literature. “

(Traslated from Russian by Google)

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