2024-06-18 19:28:10
SABAM requests Belgacom to block pirated media sharing on their networks middlemen/politics


Belgian music copyright group SABAM has been reported to have asked the country’s leading telecom company Belgacom to commit to blocking or filtering illegal music file sharing.

This report was first published by the Belgian daily Le Soir which claimed that the telecom company has been given eight days to react.

Incidentally, this new development takes place just days after a Belgian court’s decision which ordered Belgian ISP, Scarlet to implement measures to block or filter copyright-infringing material on p2p networks like torrents.

A spokesman for Belgacom however responded back in a statement: “As access provider our role is simply to transport information. We are not opposed to technical solutions but under the sine que none condition that they do not hamper our clients’ privacy.”

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