2024-04-18 13:26:18
Drm optimized for viral distribution DRM

UPDATE 14/16/2007: Weedshare is officially dead

“Shared Media Licensing operates the DRM technology known as “Weed.” When a file is protected by Weed technology, that file may be played up to 3 times for free. After this, if the user wishes to continue to play the file, he or she must pay for it. The price for any given file is set by the rights holder. The file can be copied to other users for free, whether across the Internet or otherwise. If the file is copied onto another machine, the file can be played 3 times without payment. When a user purchases a file, the rights holder receives 50% of the money paid by the purchaser and 15% of the purchase price goes to Shared Media as a processing fee. The remaining 35% of the purchase price is shared among those who previously purchased and distributed the music. This payment system is designed to encourage users to actively distribute authorized files.
Heart supports the use of peer-to-peer technology and believes that it is a very efficient means of distributing music. Encrypted with “Weed” technology (www.weedshare.com), “Jupiter Darling” was released on the Internet and has been shared on P2P networks. Heart’s “Weed” files outsold those on Apple’s iTunes during the third week of their availability on both services.” – Mark N. Cooper

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