2024-05-22 05:10:33
DVD-decoder fiasco shows lawyers are behind the times theory


It’s same kind of situation with this mysterious number that cracks the DVD encryption. First of all, nobody, myself included, knows what to do with the code. It is practically useless.
Nobody, myself included, knows what to do with the DVD code. It is practically useless.
If the lawyers did nothing, it would have languished as a curiosity with perhaps a few crackers developing some software with it. The end result would be a few cracked copies of DVDs running on a few computers here and there.
Because of the lawyers and the nasty letters, now everyone online knows how important this number must be. Boom! Now users get to work on it.
Heck of a job, lawyers.
Investors should be aware of the overall dangers the legal profession present to companies, and how its current and generalized naiveté can sink fortunes overnight. While I know of no corporation that has been bankrupted by this sort of fiasco, it will happen eventually if lawyers doesn’t catch up with the times.
Or perhaps some executives should think for themselves.

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