2024-04-24 06:50:08
Buy if you like it – a p2p plugin technology

ShareMonkey :: Find the file origin of p2p movies, mp3s, software and other fileshare downloads

What’s the route to market for the guy who downloaded a cinema cam of what becomes his favourite movie?

What about the graduate who now has money to pay for the music that helped her through university?
ShareMonkey Knows

We know the album origin of 500,000 of the most shared mp3s. We’ve matched more than 200,000 p2p movies; cams, rips, trailers and extras, to the DVDs they originally came from, and we’re matching more every day.

We can tell you what album, dvd, game, application or book your download came from – all you do is right click on a file in Windows and choose “Where is this file from?”.

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