2024-04-24 07:15:17
The BBC and the internet news

via tech.blorge.com

The news that the British BBC plans to make hundreds of episodes of
its popular British television programs available on a file-sharing
network has three separate stories behind it.

The first is the BBC has done a deal between the commercial arm of
the company, BBC Worldwide, and the Java-based BitTorrent client
technological firm, Azureus. The file sharing means that users of
Azureus` Zudeo software in the United States can legally download
titles, such as ‘Little Britain.’

This coincides with the second pieve of news which is that the BBC,
which is paid for by compulsory subscription, is not getting a rise
next year. Indeed, it is getting a slightly less money if you allow for

Many critics – Richard Ingrams in The Independent leading the charge – have asked why ANY money should be given to the BBC.

Good point.

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