2024-07-24 17:25:13
Craigslist and the lack of billions Uncategorized

Craigslist thumbs nose at Wall Street – MarketWatch:

Unfortunately, today, the pursuits of personal, financial rewards and broader, societal betterment are too often mutually exclusive. The reason, perhaps, is that man is inclined to pursue money — subconsciously or not — rather than what is virtuous and just. That’s why the decision by Craig Newmark, Craigslist founder and ace customer service representative, and the San Francisco classified company’s president, Jim Buckmaster, to focus less on profit maximization and more on serving their customers is so incredibly refreshing. Their noble stance gives entrepreneurs from San Francisco a great name. Despite the many unfortunate examples of greed, Internet entrepreneurs aren’t all about getting rich quick and cashing out. At an entrepreneur’s roots is a vision to provide a service that helps alleviate a pain point. The money thing always muddied the waters down the road.

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