2024-07-24 17:27:15
How Second Life responds to in-game unauthorized copying Uncategorized

Boingboing reports:

The virtual world Second Life is having to contend with a new piece of software that makes it easy to copy in-game artifacts. Most virtual worlds claim total ownership and control of anything created in the game, but Second Life allows players to claim a copyright in their creations. Players can sell (or refuse to sell) their in-game tchotchkes, or give them away under Creative Commons licenses. Second Life has a thriving economy based on the trading of user-created objects.

An open-source tool called CopyBot allows players to cruise around copying the objects sported by other players. Many SL players are upset by this, and demanding action. Second Life’s proprietors, Linden Labs, are trying to figure out what to do.

here is linden lab’s answer:

There are features to allow Second Life residents more choices about how they respond to potential infringement beyond the DMCA. Specifically, we will

  • add data to allow residents to compare asset creators and creation time;
  • incorporate Creative Commons licenses so creators have the option to create content that allows free copying, modification, and exchange without having to utilize outside applications;
  • expand ban lists and reputation so residents can share information about those who abuse copyright; and,
  • publish additional statistics on the website so creators can make rational decisions about the health and strength of Second Life’s economy.

I guess if this works, can be used in rl as well.

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