2024-04-24 06:53:12
BitTorrent Sites Are Slowly gaining more traffic market data

via Torrentfreak:

Back in 2004, Suprnova managed to settle itself among the 1000 most visited websites on the internet. So when the site was taken offline december 19, 2004, there was a huge gap to fill.

Today, 6 bittorrent sites entered this top 1000 list, generating more traffic than Suprnova ever did. Sites in Alexa’s Top 1000 (rank September 26, 2006)

# 205 Mininova
# 218 Torrentspy
# 387 The Piratebay
# 439 Isohunt
# 573 Torrentz
# 593 Demonoid

It doesn’t stop here. There are more sites waiting in line to enter the top 500. Currently Torrentz and Demonoid both entered the 1000 most visited sites on the internet. Both sites are rapidly growing as you can see in the graph below. They climbed from a spot somewhere around the 5000 to the top 1000 in only 6 months.

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