2024-07-24 19:33:20
How Do You Make a Profit While Using Open Source? Uncategorized

Slashdot | How Do You Make a Profit While Using Open Source?:

“I work for a small company that sells an advanced engineering product targeted at a small niche. We have about 600 customers worldwide and our software is available in 3 languages, soon to be 4. My boss loves the idea of Open Source, and would very much like to release our software under an open source software. But, we’re unable to find a working business model appropriate to such a small customer base, that won’t result in us achieving anything other than destroying our revenue stream. The fact that our software is in an obscure language (think embedded programming) doesn’t help. Can anyone suggest a business model that allows us to open source our software while continuing to make a profit?”

Nothing new: services, hardware, other complementary products.

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