2024-06-17 00:14:54
Music Sales Climb 25% In Canada economics/market data/music

via Slyck News 

“Despite the growth of legal online music services over the past year, free downloads outpaced online sales of music files by a wide margin among all age groups. Among respondents with Internet access, 30% said they downloaded free music tracks, compared with 11% who bought tracks online. Teenagers are the top downloaders, with 68% of those aged 15 to 20 saying they downloaded tracks for free last year and 23% making at least one online purchase.” This might be an indication that ‘try before you buy’ is something practiced by Canadians.

Canadians are also said be be attending concerts: “Live Music Performances Two thirds of Canadians saw live music performances last year, with 46% attending one to five concerts, 11% attending six to 10, and 11% attending more than 10 concerts. Performances by Canadian artists made up approximately three quarters of all concerts attended. “Around 29% of concert attendees bought CDs or DVDs at the shows and 19% bought other concertrelated merchandise.”

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