2024-06-17 01:55:09
bram cohen on freeriding Uncategorized

via p2pnet.net

However, retorts Cohen, “[Leechers are] engaging in perfectly reasonable and non-destructive behavior and the site is trying to punish him for it, thus fostering the creation of clients which lie about their statistics. This is the site’s fault, and the result could do serious damage to the value of BitTorrent statistics generally. Sites which do this are being extremely destructive, and the way they grandstand about how they’re fostering sharing really ticks me off.” In the Q&A, he argues the tit-for-tat nature of protocol is enough to stop destructive leeching; that the BitTorrent protocol is sufficiently robust to handle file sharers who limit their upload and don’t seed after files are downloaded and, “Even if almost everyone quit the instant their download was completed you’d still have decent download rates, they’d just be closer to everyone’s upload rates.”

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