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Research shows that fileshares also are big spenders on legal music downloads Uncategorized

In summary what happens when the downloaders are discovering a new artist on the
Internet is:
2 of 3 download more, especially among the teens
2 of 3 bought CD
1 of 2 followed an artist in media
1 of 3 visited a concert
16% bought digital music

The World Internet Institute’s longitudinal database contains a sample of 2 000 people representative of the Swedish population (18+) between 2000 and 2004. Every year a new sample of Swedes has been chosen as a reference and control group. The data collection is made through personal interviews by telephone.

Data for this study was from September-October 2004 and 2005. The research also uses data from a research conducted by German Consumer Institute GfK, a sample (10+) of digital music users selected from an online panel of Internet users. The data collection was made in February 2005 and includes 4852 individuals in seven European countries (Germany, UK, Spain, France, Hungary, the Netherlands and Sweden).

First, here are the results from previous studies:

Research 1.
RIIA report say that 23% do not buy CDs because of P2P. But the drop was only for audio
tapes, CD singles, vinyl records and music videos. CD sales up 3%.
Research 2.
(Jupiter Research May 2001. 3319 persons interviewed)
14% say that they stopped buying, 34% by more and 52% like before.
So 86% of people downloading buy as before or more, 14% buy less.
Research 3.
(IPSOS Raid. August 2002.)
81% say their purchases remain the same or more. 19% buy less.
84% informs themselves on the net about music, their favourites and how to purchase.
Half of them had bought CD on the basis of this information
One third have changed favourite genre.
Research 4 and 5
(Forrester Research 2002, Jupiter Media Metrix, 2002)
Neutral or positive effects were found. Consumers who share files increased their spending on music. Another finding was that frequent downloaders were also frequent buyers of CDs.
Research 6.
(IFPI:05, Forester Research. August 2004)
A later study showed that among those who are downloading music monthly or more often, a majority (62 %) answered that the downloading had no effect on their purchase of music. 28% said that they buy less and 10% said that they buy more.
72% % of people downloading buy as before or more, 28% by less
The World Internet Institute research is in line with these results:

In agreement with earlier studies we found that 56% were buying as before, 10% bought more and 35% bought less. So among two of three there were neutral or positive effects and among one of three the effects were negative. The effects on video shopping were much smaller.






Download the whole report from the WII website.

The whole “MusicLessons” research program is accessible though their website.

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