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O’Reilly Radar > Oops – Only 4% of Titles Are Being Commercially Exploited:

on November 04, 2005 In a recent post, I made the assertion that 10-20% of titles published were still in print and being commercially exploited, with another 20% clearly in the public domain, leaving approximately 60% in what I called “the twilight zone” — with no clear rights. Farhad Manjoo of Salon, who is writing a followup story, emailed me for confirmation of those numbers, and in so doing, made me realize an error in my calculations. I had taken the number supplied by the OCLC, of 10.5 million unique titles in the five libraries cooperating with the Google Print Library Project, and applied to that the recent report by Nielsen Bookscan that 1.2 million unique titles sold at least one copy in 2004, and came up with the estimate of 12% I used in that prior post, which I generously expanded to 10-20% by assuming that books that didn’t sell even one copy might still be considered “active” by some publishers.

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