2024-05-22 05:15:02
POGO has launched a world-first in mobile phone file sharing platform. Uncategorized

My Broadband :: 3G & Cellular : POGO announces launch of world-first mobile phone file sharing software:

POGO allows users to share ringtones, music, games, videos and themes. The application also allows users to send messages at 1c per SMS as well as access classifieds, body weight calculator and car performance facilities.

POGO is downloadable to all GPRS and 3G mobile phones that are Java and WAP (wireless application protocol) enabled. The application is compatible with all phone types.

POGO carries a once-off download fee and is accessed by sending the POGO keyword to the shortcode 4 20 30. This premium rate service is charged at R30. POGO does not bill for any further use of the file sharing facility and users pay only for the airtime to access the Internet.

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