2024-06-18 17:52:15
BSA has called for government to mandate stiff penalties Uncategorized

Fine unlicensed software users, says BSA | The Register:

the BSA wanted the government to take more action to educate the market on software licences. “You do hear from the government that they are very supportive of intellectual property rights, but that doesn’t mean anything unless something is done,” he said. The BSA earlier this year said around 80 per cent of the infringement cases it comes across are down to negligence and not to malice, and said that many firms neglected to keep software up to date in times of rapid growth. Arthur suggested that these firms need to hear from the government that they must ensure that their software licences are up to date.

I don’t understand why are they wnat to use public resources to do things they could do themselves? Maybe becasue it is cheaper if the police runs after negligent companies instead of the BSA? Cheaper for whom?

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