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This is happening to me In Focus/személyes

This is my schedule for Spring/Summer 2007:

March 21: Tim Holbrook invited me to give a talk at the Chicago-Kent Law School International Intellectual Property Program. I will speak about “The pirates of the Pirates of the Caribbean – what can we learn from file-sharers”

March 26-29: I will try to go to the O’reilly Emerging Tech Conference, San Diego, as I have a pass. I hope I can fit that in.

April 12-15: Fulbright Enrichment Seminar, San Antonio, TX

April 27-29: Iain Boal of Retort has invited me to participate in a panel at the “Crisis of the Commons in California” Conference. Though the commons in California is not exactly my filed of research, underground commons is, and this idea has captured Iain’s imagination.

May 18: My paper was accepted to the ‘Communication Technologies of Empowerment’ Conference organized by Institute of Communications Studies at the University of Leeds

May 24-27: My submission was accepted for the International Communication Association‘s 2007 Conference . I will talk at the “File-sharing, The Music Industry and the New Economy” session.

June 16-19: ICommons meeting in Dubrovnik, Croatia. I am involved in organizing a panel together with Lawrence Liang on piracy.

July 16-27: I was accepted to the Oxford Internet Institute Summer Doctoral Program to be held at Harvard Law School. I am proud and excited.

Ksenia Prasolova — April 16, 2007 @ 9:21 pm

Hey, didn’t see you after we parted ways before the check-in counter @ SA Airport, but hope you managed to change your travel route and got safely back to sunny California. As for me, the ride from Dallas to Boston proved to be a very smooth one, which came as a rather pleasant surprise. Keep in touch and don’t forget to upload the pics to the fulbright website (I’ll be posting mine soon, but I don’t think I have you in them ;-((

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