2024-04-24 07:10:28
While the loosers pay… technology

… high tech proprietary networks rise. Slyck News reports on the All-New Warez P2P – Version 3.0:

Warez are entering a tough market. Due to the stability of file sharing there simply is not a necessity to switch clients or try something new. It will take more than just the promise of BitTorrent speeds to switch people away from BitTorrent, which also has the advantage of being open source.

However, by bringing together the two phenomena of file sharing and social networking, this client may tap into great success. Add anonymity in the future and this will be a network to watch closely.

If the promise of networks being able to grant speed, variety and anonimity as protection for the everyday user whom will RIAA sue? All those poor souls who are not smart enough to choose a software offering the protection? Not the most “dangerous” but the lamest? We’ll see.

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