2024-06-17 00:28:41
LimeWire sued by RIAA but what for? middlemen/music

After so many companies failing in court to RIAA I am wonderning what they were hoping for? That noone will notice the several million users? Do they have a good defence?

Slyck News’ Thomas Mennecke speculates that:

Many believed, as did LimeWire, that their open source nature would preserve their existence – at least for some time to come.

I do not see that commercially exploting an open source software would mean an excuse from being sued. But anyway, whom will RIAA sue after they take LimeWire out? All the contributors who have developed the code?

LimeWire’s open source nature may not save the company from the RIAA’s onslaught, but it may save the Gnutella network. LimeWire’s newest features and talent comes from the open source world; even if Lime Group vanishes tomorrow, development won’t.

Well said.

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