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Most Offensive Act of Cultural Piracy Winner Uncategorized

IMPI, Mexican Institute of Industrial Property For allowing a trademark on the image of the Virgin of Guadalupe in 2002. For 2,400 Mexican pesos, IMPI granted the exclusive right to use the image of the Virgin on a Chinese company’s products (toys, games, and Christmas tree ornaments) for 10 years, along with licensing rights and an option to renew the trademark. The Virgin of Guadalupe is Mexico’s most beloved patron saint, and for many indigenous cultures in Mexico she is equated with Tonantzin – the goddess of fertility and Mother Earth. Earlier this year, the Basilica of Guadalupe drafted a much more lucrative deal that would have given Viotran, LLC a trademark on the image of the Virgin. Viotran was willing to pay $12.5 million dollars for exclusive rights to the Virgin’s image, but the deal fell through amidst an uproar by Mexican Catholics.
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