2024-05-20 11:38:49
Setting up a fee system for P2P isps

Chris Ovenden has a proposal on p2pnet.net
for an alternative for flat rate fees on every broadband connection:”Instead of an ISP tax, I propose a voluntary filesharing license. In other words, you pay for the right to trade files however you like.”

So far so good. But then he continues:
“The license would be administered by a body independent of both ISPs and the music industry, whose mandate would include collecting and distributing the money as well as catching license fee evaders.”

Catching fee evaders?

“On the enforcement side, ISPs would be required by law to make available to the licensing agency certain limited information about the internet usage of unlicensed customers (rather as TV sales have to be registered with TV licensing.) In the first instance only very general information – such as the type of packets most commonly sent and received, and the overall usage pattern – would be revealed. If there was cause for suspicion, further investigation would require dialogue with the user.”

Bad, Chris, Bad. I dont want anyone to monitor my packets. You can sit down now.

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