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Should music be free?

“I don’t agree with taking your fans to court,”
Ron Sexsmith

“I have to be totally honest… when I heard about all the downloading problems and when I really thought about it, the only people who suffer ultimately – you know, if everything falls to its knees – are people who can’t sing or perform. […] It’s the people who actually can’t do their job who suffer because if you can’t make your money from record sales… I mean, I just know now that no matter what happens – if I lose all my friends and family and the record company spontaneously combusts – I can go out there and take my guitar out and make enough money to have dinner. It’s something you feel really grateful to be able to do.”
KT Tunstall

 “It’s wrong. I did this work and I deserve to get paid for it. What people have got to remember is it’s really fun to take down The Man but The Man will always be there. It’s the artists that are the last ones to get paid and we get paid the least of anybody in the chain. “Our last record sold maybe 800,000 copies – we didn’t make any money. None. Not one penny from record sales. Imagine if we weren’t able to go out and tour and make money on tour. What would we have done? We would have had a gold record and go out and get jobs.”
Goo Goo Dolls

“The typical college kid is not going to have $20 to spend on a record, especially a record that he or she hasn’t heard yet,”
“I think eventually for the more hard-working bands – the more sort of grassroots bands – it comes around in the back end. We’re not really stressed out about it because we feel our true fans will come and support us.” “I think we wouldn’t be here if kids didn’t stumble across our songs on the Internet,”

“I want to make music and I want people to get it. I don’t friggin’ care how they get it, […] The likelihood is that I’ll be able to make money somehow, even if it’s Starbucks, but as long as people get my music I’m fine.”

“songwriters who do this for a living are in terrible trouble. They may write a hit song and not even be able to pay for the food on their table. So they’re in big trouble.”
Daniel Bedingfield

“You’re talking about kids here. You’re talking about your fans. They want to download your music which means they’re fans so you can’t come out and go, ‘You’re a friggin’ thief.’ What, are you going to sue the kids?”
“People like Rhett Miller – great artist, great singer/songwriter. Maybe a million people download his record but 300,000 people buy his record. The label’s only going to look at those 300,000 copies and go, ‘Sorry you can’t make another record.’ So all these people who want to support Rhett Miller, all of a sudden he doesn’t have another record now. You need to put your vote in for your favourite artists.”
matchbox twenty

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