2024-06-18 19:04:50
Virgin, the british music retailer and stealing news/this is bad

According to the story of International Herald Tribune Virgin, the british consumer retailer giant has been caught red-handed in stealing and then reselling a Madonna song. “The store’s online portal was ordered by the Paris Tribunal of Commerce to pay €600,000, or $754,000, in damages for downloading the Madonna song “Hung Up” from a France Télécom Web site. The Web site had exclusive rights to distribute the song for one week.”

Virgin downloaded the song, cracked the DRM and started selling the song herself.

Not exactly like Robin Hood. Well, at least they define the standards for stealing for our sake.

P2Pnet adds, rightly:

“Pirates like Virgin steal and profit from their criminal activities.

Filesharers don’t steal a thing and make no profit whatsoever.

That’s a big difference.”

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