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Hollywood started experimenting with sellinbg movies online and offline using very different prices. In the UK “Universal Pictures and Wippit, the music file-sharing site [offer] Universal films on the day of DVD release. As for pricing, new releases are going to cost £19.99 with older films costing £4.99. Whilst this might look incredibly expensive on the outset, Universal notes that buyers will get three versions of the film. One for a computer download, one for a portable device and a hard copy through the post.” (source: bit-tech news).
Meanwhile according to p2pnet in a galaxy far-far away “Warner Bros is selling “selected” movies for a mere $2.75 in major Chinese cities.” They aim to gain some market in a country where illegal copies costing less than a buck are ubiquitous.

So let me start listing the factors of cultural accessibility:
– affordability
– availability on time – no more release strategies set by the producers?
– physical accessibility – download online, or buy it in a store, or rent it or go to a library?

and most probably:

– cultural capital – now simply substituted by marketing.

“The reason why piracy’s come along is that there weren’t enough products at the right price soon enough,”– Tony Vaughan, managing director of CAV Warner Home Entertainment Co, Warner Bros’ joint venture distribution company in China.

Write that down.

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